A Method for Rhythmic Overlapping with Special Focus on Odd Meters

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“I really enjoy studying, and I enjoy working according to a clear systematic methodology. Sebastian‘s book is well-arranged, clear and very educational. I will definitely recommend that my students work with it. It broadens yourrhythmic background. I also came up with new study ideas myself throughout the book. A serious recommendation.“

René Creemers, Drummer & Drumbassador
Docent, ArtEZ Arnhem & Rock Academy Tilburg

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“Sebastian presents an intense workbook on the relationship between (odd) meters, tuplets and groupings, and goes down some very interesting rabbit holes. Definitely a valuable source of study for anybody interested in fine- tuning skills in these realms of music and drumming. Interesting concepts and challenging coordination stuff happening here—check it out!“

Claus Hessler, Drummer & Author
Docent, Popakademie Baden-Württemberg & Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts

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“The way Sebastian deals with the issues of odd meters and the various ways of interpreting rhythm in this book is very exciting and approachable!“

Christoph Stiefel, Pianist
Docent, Lucerne School of Music

Stickings and Phrases in Sextuplets:

Starting Stickings in All Spots – Alternate Version in 7:

Groove Displacements in Quintuplets & 7/16:

Changing the Subdivision Keeping the Group:

The Reversible Pattern 3-4:

The Hihat Goofy in Triplets (Original & Reversible):

The Ride Goofy in 1/16 Notes: